Hire a Pitt-Bradford Grad

Have You Hired A Pitt-Bradford Graduate?

Interested in hiring a certified athletic trainer, accountant, or perhaps a teacher?  We continue to provide graduates with the same academic excellence and real-world experience that gave you the tools to succeed.  Add the expertise and confidence of a Pitt-Bradford graduate to your staff today.
  • Post an available job/internship opportunity
  • On-Campus Recruiting, arranged through the Office of Career Services
  • Attend our annual spring Career Fair, email Dr. Holly Spittler, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Career Services, for more information
  • Search resumes of our alumni

“Northwest Savings Bank and Pitt Bradford have a long history that dates back for decades. We’ve personally hired many Pitt Bradford graduates who are hard-working, dedicated, strategic thinkers and recommend them wholeheartedly.”  
Bill Pantuso ’93, Senior VP/District Manager for McKean/Potter/Tioga Counties, Northwest Savings Bank

“Pitt-Bradford allowed me to succeed going forward through the preparation, learning environment, and structured foundation the University atmosphere and experience provided. I felt I was given the confidence to interview for positions, utilize my own skills and work productively through the course curriculum that was geared toward succeeding in a professional work environment. The faculty and staff also helped aid in my development as a student and person, which enabled the opportunities to find a career.” 
Ryan Race ‘07, Assistant Manager, Northwest Savings Bank

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